Can you tell me what is inlay?

Inlay is filling which is made in the technique based on a model that makes the dentist, or on the basis of the taken image. It may be of gold, ceramic and other krompozita materials. The inlay value is in his accurate and close contact with the tooth and it is cemented with an exceptionally good cements whose layer are not fatter than 20 microns. With Inlays we can completely imitate the morphology of the teeth, and it represents the best possible filling.

My tooth is broken. There is only the root left. Should I take it out, or it can be used?!

Roots of sufficient length, especially if they are above the jawbone can be healed . roots canal can be still used for the installation of special kocica. After that we can make a crown or composite filling or the tooth can be include in a bridge.


They told me that at night I grinds with my teeth. Can you help me?

Night crunch or clenching your teeth is called bruxism, and it an disorder of central source. The dentist makes night guard, which the patient carrying while his sleeping. The night guard prevents crunch and all the consequences that crunch cause on your teeth , on the jaw wrist and also with the chewig muscles.

Experience tells us that a large percentage of bruxism appears again after the termination of carrying night guard. Therefore, it is very imortant to consult a psychiatrist and apply the physical therapy.


Is it necessary to replace the black fillings?
Our opinion is that we need more information on composite fillings.

Does whitening damage my teeth?

Teeth whitening is completely safe. Teeth are very fast remineralises using appropriate Toothpaste but thay are still remain white – See more information regarding the teeth whitening.

Does the tooth hones(grinds) for setting zircons?

No, zircon is pretty special agents that do not damage the tooth tissue.